Stop bleed device and instant ice

Manufacture and sale of the stop bleed medical device and instant ice holder in Sardinia, Italy

Stop bleed device and instant ice

This is a small new device in neoprene with polyester straps intended for use in medical or private environments, to stop a bleeding wound or as an ice pack holder in the case of contusion, fracture, or haematoma of a limb. It is used as follows.

1) As a stop bleed device
Open the device and unhook the straps. Apply over the wound, on top of a pack of gauze, and close the straps to promote haemostasis. Once the patient arrives in the hospital, the device is quickly removed by unhooking the straps.

2) As an ice holder
Position the device on the injured limb, with the ice inside of it, making sure to not put the ice directly in contact with the skin, by using gauze, for example. As before, the device is removed quickly by unhooking the straps.

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Legal requirements

This medical device meets the requirements set forth by Regulations 2017/745/EU and 2017/47/EU and the Medical Devices Directive Law 93/42/EEC.

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