Splint immobilizing device for limbs

Manufacture and sale of the splint and joint immobilizing device in Sardinia, Italy

New splint

This is a device that is already on the market, but this one is different due to its closure. It is intended to be used with other devices (spinal backboard, cervical collar, restraint straps) in a medical or private environment to immobilize the limbs of the injured patient with subsequent transport by rescue vehicles (ambulances). The device may not be used on deformed limbs.

The device must be prepared by unhooking all the straps and is used by two rescuers. Once the limb to be immobilized has been identified, the splint is placed under it by one rescuer, while the other connects all the quick connect-release straps at the front. The immobilized limb should not be covered completely and the wrists and skin colour below the trauma should be checked.

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Legal requirements

This medical device meets the requirements set forth by Regulations 2017/745/EU and 2017/47/EU and the Medical Devices Directive Law 93/42/EEC.

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