Sale and manufacture of medical and sanitary devices in Sardinia

To request information on the sale and shipment of medical devices, contact customer service at the numbers indicated, or send a request for information.

We respond to the needs of the market

For years we have been actively involved in the 118 Territorial Emergency System, developing special attention to the system's needs concerning the immobilization of injured patients.
For some of these devices, there have been no significant developments or changes, especially regarding the immobilization of the cervical spine, while for others, there is not even a device in existence. One example is the pelvic sling, which was created, patented, and certified by our company. This is just one of many innovative systems.

We are constantly evolving

Our devices are all Class 1 and entirely handmade with high quality, washable materials that can be sanitized and are easy to apply and maintain. They are new products that give a positive twist to the immobilization system for injured patients.

Due to the Covid-19 Emergency, the Company has recently expanded its products to include surgical masks and masks for general use, (also certified by the Ministry of Health), to meet the needs of the moment.

  Our medical devices...