Patient carrier for injured persons

Manufacture and sale of the patient carrier for injured persons in Sardinia, Italy

Patient carrier

The patient carrier is intended for the recovery and transport from the intervention site to the stretcher or for transfer of a patient from the stretcher to the bed. This device must not be used on patients with trauma to the spine and is used wherever standard transport equipment cannot be used. It is handmade in Nylon and is impermeable and washable. Besides side handles, the new patient carrier also has 4 horizontal straps that are connected with carabiners to a safety harness for transport that is safe for both the patient and rescuer.

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Legal requirements

This medical device meets the requirements set forth by Regulations 2017/745/EU and 2017/47/EU and the Medical Devices Directive Law 93/42/EEC.

Immediate delivery in Sardinia and throughout Italy

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