Leg brace, immobilizer for legs, knees, and ankles

Production and sale of leg brace immobilizing device for legs, knees, and ankles in Sardinia, Italy

New leg brace

This is a new device for immobilizing the legs from below the knees to the ankles in injured patients with subsequent transport by rescue vehicles (ambulances). It is intended to be used together with other complementary devices such as a spinal backboard, cervical collar, and restraint straps in a sanitary or private environment according to the provisions of the Emergency System.

Dispositivo in nylon ad alta resistenza, realizzato interamente a mano, impermeabile e lavabile. A highly resistant Nylon device, entirely handmade, impermeable, and washable, it is made up of two side parts connected to a central cushion with polyester quick connect-release straps for anchoring to the spinal backboard.

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Legal requirements

This medical device meets the requirements set forth by Regulations 2017/745/EU and 2017/47/EU and the Medical Devices Directive Law 93/42/EEC.

Immediate delivery in Sardinia and throughout Italy

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